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PMG-2 Proton Magnetometer and Gradiometer

Proton Gradiometer and magnetometer PMG-2 is a portable instrument intended for ground measurement of the absolute value of the magnetic induction vector of the Earth's magnetic field by measuring the frequency of the precession of hydrogen nuclei protons. Data recording is fully automated. In survey applications, actual position coordinates are recorded either by automated incrementation or by operator entry commands. The gradiometer can be powered from an external power source, namely in the base station mode.

The PMG-2 allows measuring in three modes:

  • SINGLE MODE is used in a profile magnetic survey with one sensor. It detects the absolute value of the magnetic field in the location of the sensor.
  • GRAD MODE - in this mode two sensors are used. The magnetic induction vector in the locations of both sensors are measured simultaneously. The horizontal or vertical gradient of the magnetic field between two sensors is determined by subtraction.
  • AUTO MODE - allows repeated measurement with one sensor in set time intervals. Both the starting time and the time interval can be set prior to the measurement. This mode is used for measuring diurnal variations of the Earth's magnetic field.

The results of the measurements can be stored in an internal protected memory. The recorded data are not lost when the instrument is switched off or when the battery is removed. The data can be transferred to the computer using supplied communication software.

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  • Mineral exploration
  • Archaeology
  • Ferrous ordnance detection
  • Buried pipes location
  • Environmental studies


  • High resolution
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Profile/base station measurement
  • Wide range of the measured field
  • Internal non-volatile memory up to 24,500 readings
  • Vertical or horizontal gradient configuration
  • USB interface


Field strength range: 20,000 - 100,000 nT (gammas)
Absolute accuracy: ± 1 nT
Resolution: 0.1 nT
Gradient range: 1,000 nT/m
Measurement time: 2 s (maximum)
Data memory: Internal flash for 24,500 readings 
Display: LCD graphic 160 x 104
Keyboard: 16 key, membrane type
Interface: USB 2.0
Power source: Internal lead-acid (Pb) battery 12 V, 3.4 Ah
Battery life: 5,000 readings on average in GRAD operation
Console dimensions: 230 x 80 x 170 mm 
Sensor dimensions: Ø80 x 200 mm

Console: 3.2 kg including battery

Sensor: 0.7 kg

Temperature range: -10°C to +60°C

Standard Components

  • Console with built-in battery
  • Two sensors with six sensor sticks
  • Battery charger
  • Anchor ring with ropes
  • Tent pins
  • Harness
  • Instruction manual
  • Transport case
  • USB cable

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